Sam Antonio

Sam Antonio

"After twelve years of high cholesterol, a fatty liver and countless bad report cards from my doctor, Platinum Fitness has been the only health club that was able to transform my mind, my body, my spirit, and most importantly, my future."

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Gretchen After

Gretchen Berger

"I love coming to Platinum Fitness. My max weight was 211 and I lost 101 lbs. With the help of Kevin Baker, who helped me with my workout and my diet. He keeps me motivated to work harder to achieve my goals. I just love the family atmosphere the gym has."

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Gretchen Before


Sam Nappo

"I have been a member of other gyms that are $9.99 a month and the only words to describe them are crowded and dirty. Platinum is the cleanest gym I have ever been to. The staff and trainers are so friendly and nice that I can call them my friends. As a woman and small business owner, I feel comfortable working out here. Platinum makes the workout environment enjoyable and not intimidating. First class all the way."


Jordan Briceland

"I have been a member of Platinum Fitness since opening day and it has only exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoy working out at the gym, not only because it has the right equipment to improve physical health, but also how clean and germ free the environment is. There is no other place I would rather work on my fitness to prepare for my sport in College."

Tamara Oliveri-Woods

Tamara Olivieri

"As the owner of TYORI and a busy mother of three, having a gym close to my house where I can go and get a great workout is ideal. Platinum Fitness has hours that fit my lifestyle and offers the newest equipment for me to help achieve my goals. In addition to my workout there are also other great services such as infrared body wraps and nutrition counseling that are key to a healthy lifestyle. Platinum Fitness is by far the best gym in the area."

Maryanne Floss

Maryanne Floss

"Platinum Fitness is a family owned business. You receive friendly, personal attention as you need. They continue to show amazing service with state of the art equipment. Their trainers, especially Adam, always takes the time to show you the techniques of using the equipment. There are so many classes you can choose from as well. Definitely will get results!! As a Real Estate Broker in the area, I would highly recommend Platinum Fitness to all my family, friends & clients. Most definitely a 5-STAR facitity!!!"

Peter Crowly

Peter Crowley

"What makes Platinum Fitness the best are it's people. This gym has all the equipment that I need but more importantly it has trainers that are knowledgeable and care how you are doing. I've been here since day one and I cannot imagine going anywhere else."

Morgan Rabadi

Morgan Rabadi

"My entire experience with Platinum has been nothing but amazing. My whole family goes there and we love it. The atmosphere is great and the employees are excellent. It is a family owned business and they really make you feel comfortable when you are in the gym. The personal training sessions are something that I highly recommend signing up for. The trainers are excellent and really help you out."

Zoe Miner

Zoe Miner

"I love going to Platinum Fitness. As an older woman, my fitness goal has been to maintain mobility and Paul, my trainer at Platinum Fitness, has used his knowledge, experience, patience and on occasion humor to help me achieve that goal and more. He's great!"

Chris Wido

Chris "C.J." Wido

"In 2011, I was a busy college student by trade, more classes than I could count and plenty of quick junk food to keep my stomach full. Although after several years of "bad" food at college, I needed a change, desperately. In the summer, my busy, unhealthy lifestyle had become a real problem for me, in many aspects of my life. With the help of the extensive fitness expertise of those managing and personal training at Platinum Fitness, I had the spark I needed to change. I was able to form a proper nutrition plan and workout regimen that allowed me to transform my body over a period of several months. Without the support of the people at Platinum Fitness, I can truthfully say I wouldn't of been able to have these results."

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson

"I started training at Platinum Fitness in September, 2011; ever since then, I have made more progress than I even thought to be possible. With every training session, countless strides are made; I have become far quicker, more agile, stronger, more flexible, and more powerful. Words don’t do justice to the way Platinum Fitness has improved my game out on the lacrosse field. Without Platinum, I don’t know where I would be right now with my lacrosse career. The trainers at Platinum are very helpful and personable; any of them will drop whatever they are doing to help you with a certain movement or exercise, even if you aren’t one of their clients. Platinum Fitness gives you an incredible value at a very affordable price; with that being said, it is the only gym I would recommend throughout the entire Western New York area. The bottom line is as follows: I wouldn’t trade Platinum Fitness for anything."

Josh Binfield

Josh Binfield

"I use Platinum Fitness because it's memberships allow me to use it when I am in the area. The equipment is all brand new, clean, and there's a great variety. It is big enough to feel empty even when it is busy. At the end of the day, it is able to prepare me in all fields necessary to compete."

David Swanton

David Swanton

"There are numerous gyms in Buffalo NY, but Platinum Fitness a step above the rest. Like most great gyms it has state of the art equipment, a shake bar, and other amenities. However its staff is above the norm. Personal trainers, such as Paul and Kevin, go out of their way to advise you on form, routines, and answer any fitness questions one has. Their spinning and cardio instructor Kenny deserves a special mentioning. When I started coming he educated me for hours about fitness at his own expense. Furthermore, he provided me with a great deal of encouragement. Last but not least owner Tammy Recckio and her son Rick Recckio II have the upmost respect for all their members and make Platinum Fitness the best gym around!"

Tom Styn

Tom Styn

"Doing my lifts at Platinum Fitness have been my favorite workout experiences. The staff, other members, and equipment provide a great environment for me to really focus on what I'm trying to accomplish."

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  • Zoe Miner

  • Chris "C.J." Wido

  • Jeff Wilson

  • Josh Binfield

  • David Swanton

  • Tom Styn

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